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On-line UPS


Complete Blackout and Brownout Protection
According to Study by Bells Labs, under voltage & sudden dips represent the majority of power problem. Wide Input range & Online design of "Maxipower" UPS prevent data loss caused by outrages & brown outs.

Computer Grade Line Conditioning with isolation
Superior full time isolation is built into all "Maxipower" UPS. Output is fully isolated by double conversion & isolation transformer. No need to have extra isolation transformer as required for imported Systems. Remote Monitoring & Control through SNPB / Internet.

Donvey UPS are available in following configuration

Stand Alone True online UPS. Single / Three Phase input / output. Dual redundant Hot Standby type UPS. Parallel Redundant load sharing type UPS.


  • Wide Input Window
  • Generator Compatible
  • EPROM / Micro Controller Design
  • Float Cum Boost Charger
  • IGBT Based Hi-Frequency PWM Inverter
  • Soft Start Facility
  • Inverter Efficiency > 92%
  • Distortion Less than 3%
  • Crystal controlled output frequency 50 Hz + 0.01%
  • Low noise < 50 db up to 10 KVA
  • High crest factor > 4:1
  • Compact, sleek design
  • Unlimited backup
  • Computer Interface
  • ETDC / Dot Tested

Self Test & Diagnostic Features

An electronics circuit with digital logics continuously searches for the following faults & trips the system with audio – visual indication.

  • Battery Over Voltage
  • Battery Under Voltage
  • Output AC Over Voltage
  • Output Overload / Short Circuit
  • Phase fail for three phase models.

Optional Features:

  • Static by pass switch
  • Serial RS 232 Interface.
  • Auto file shut down
  • Microprocessor based digital metering
  • Remote on / off panel
  • Remote Indicator panel.

Technical Specification of UPS

Electrical Characteristics Float - cum - Boost Charger

AC input Voltage

230V - 20% + 15% Single Phase                    (or)
415V - 20% + 15% Three Phase

Or any voltage range as per requirement.


a) 50Hz + 10%

Can also work on Generators

DC Output

UPS Capacity

DC Output Voltage

a) 50KVA & above

a) 432V

b) 10KVA to 50KVA

b) 360V

c) 5KVA to 7.5 KVA

c) 180V

d) Below 5KVA

d) 96V/120V/168V


Output Voltage

230V AC Single Phase or 415V AC Three Phase

Adjustable Range

+ 10V AC

Voltage Stability

+1% for DC input Variation & output load Variations.


50Hz+0.05 Hz
(Crystal controlled) or
60Hz + 0.06Hz or Any optional frequency

Wave form

Sine wave

Harmonic Distortion

Less than 3%


  • >93% for 360V DC
  • above>90% for 180V DC
  • >85% for 48V DC/72V DC

Power Factor

0.8 lagging to unity


110% for 10 minutes.
200% for 5 cycles.
400% for ½ cycles.
as per customer's

Crest factor


Transient recovery

Within 3 cycles

Phase Displacement for 3 Phase Output


Audible Noise

Less than 55 db at 1 meter up to 10KVA.
Less than 60 db at 1 meter above 10 KVA.


  • Mains on
  • Load on batteries
  • Battery low
  • Inverter overload
  • Load on Mains
  • Battery boost
  • Inverter on
  • 7stp bar graph for battery/load level

Ambient conditions

  • Operating - 0°C - 50°C
  • Storage – 0°C - 60°C
  • Relative Humidity – 95 RH
  • Operating Altitude – up to 2000 meters.

Metering (Optional)

Analog / Digital metering available for Input / Output voltage / battery voltage / battery current output frequency or any other as per requirement.

Field of Application

  • Autoconers, textile machines, Knitting machines.
  • Information Technology and call centers.
  • Computer and Micro-Processor Controlled Equipments.
  • Sophisticated research instruments used in Scientific, Medical, Agricuture, Educational, And other Research Institutions.
  • Offset Printing Presses. Color Scanners, Processors, Phototypesetters, Photographic Equipments, Photo Copiers and Packaging Industries.
  • Medical Equipments, X-Ray machines, E.C.G Machines/Monitors. MRI, CT Scan etc.
  • Defence Installations, LPTs, HPTs, Braodcasting and Telecommunication.
  • Lifts, Escalator and Elevators.
  • Central, Air-Conditioning Plants, Processing Plants, Chemical Industries, Textile Industries.
  • CNC Machines, Laser Machines and Moulding Machines etc.
  • Commercial Buildings and Complexes.
  • Complete Hospitals and Nursing Homes.
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