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Isolation Transformer


ISOLAT's are ultra isolation transformers effective for isolation sensitive equipment from line voltage transients, spikes and d.c leakage etc. They are specially designed for sensitive critical equipment like computers and peripherals, medical instrumentation, digital communication telemetry system etc. and stopping such disturbances generated y the noisy equipment load from being injected into the power line.

Multiple shielding technique employed reduces the inter winding capacitance to below 0.005 picofarad and increases d.c isolation to over 1000 Megohms.

ISOLAT - ultra isolation transformer are available from 100 to 100,000 VA, single phase models. For 3 phase input three single phase units may be connected in star configuration.

Additional Features

Inspite of so many advantages of ISOLAT Transformers, the customers should note one particular feature before ordering. The regulation of this type of transformer is higher than normal transformers, particularly at low power factor load. Incase the customer wants lower drop due to regulation, they should inform about their fixed load and load p.f.

Technical Specification

Input Voltage

115 / 230v Nominal or as per customer's specification, 1 phase, 50 Hz.

Acceptable Input Range

Upto +10% Voltage, 47 to 63 Hz.

Output voltage

Same as Input voltage or as per customer's specification.

Common mode noise rejection

Transient, spikes, surges


Upto over 130db.

Coupling capacitances


Less than 0.005 p.f

D.C Isolation


Over 1000 Megohms

Breakdown Strength


2.5 KV for 2 minutes

Line leakage current 


Less than 10 microamps in models upto 1 KVA and below

Load regulation


Within 3.5%

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